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Thread The Runway 2 Fashion Artisan Showcase

About this event

This is a GREAT way to pop off the year with GREAT Vibez while supporting small in the Oakland Bay Area!

Join us for our 2nd Thread The Runway Artisan Fashion Showcase: No Pressure... No Diamonds. A WINTER WONDERLAND

Bringing A New Slate Of Freshness!

It will be a night filled with the glitz, the glam, vibez, fun and fashion so dress to impress! THIS IS AN ALL BLACK EVENT.

There will be local vendors and brands there for the community to support.

We will also have lite entertainment with a d.j., up and coming artists and models!

Oh did we mention there's going to be a food vendor there as well?!?

Doors Scheduled To Open At 6PM.

So what are you waiting for???

Get Your Donation Admissions Today!!!!!!!


These PROMO CODES are good for General Donation Admissions & Adult Happy Hour
XOFUN (Limit 2): $12 OFF until 01/01/22
KELDAMUZIK: $5 OFF until 01/08/22